Morning Routine: 6 Top Tips To Start Your Day Right

Morning Routine: 6 Top Tips To Start Your Day Right

Your morning routine. Where it all starts and how your day begins. I’ve been trying to nail mine down for the summer so that when the colder months come in, I’m good to go. (That’s the theory). So I’ve been on a YouTube picking out the best tips to get my days off to the best start. Here’s what has been working for me so far.


Silent Night, Silent Morning

This I do the night before. Switch my phone on to airplane mode so no texts phone calls can distract me from my time first thing in the morning. Before doing this I would reach for my phone and be on Instagram, Whatsapp, emails and a 10 minute check would turn in to an hour or more. Now that I have no notifications on my phone when I first wake up in the morning, I can substitute it with helpful habit like the ones below and the messages and emails will flood in later.



Writing out your thoughts, your goals or planning on how you see your day going is something that came up a lot. This is different from a list. You can start about what you’re thankful for and what you see coming up for you in your future short or long term. Writing it out by hand is apparently the most effective way to imprint your future plans in your subconscious and for them to get done. While on the other hand being grateful for what you already have.


Read Right

Meaning you can read anything you like just make sure that it’s something that helps you. A positive thought or story. Something that helps you to get your mind in to the right gear. That might be learning something new or the book on your faith. Biographies are great to keep next to your bed and maybe another book of inspiration.



The spiritual side to get your morning off right. Meditation on the good things in your life or simply just focusing on your breathing. I’m trying to figure out what is best and still something I’m trying to incorporate on a daily. But this was another popular tip that kept cropping up. And probably the most helpful, prayer. Speak your own little or prayer or maybe you have a favourite prayer or verse that lifts you up to start your day right.


Wake Up

As in…. physically move. Waking up and staying in bed doesn’t count. Exercise. This came up every time. Stretching or yoga. A walk around the block or a run. Or maybe you’re the kind of person that heads straight for the gym. At the very least I try do my stretching. It really helps with the kinks and clicks! A run down to the park definitely does a world of difference, if you can try to get outside.



You need a top of all the water you lost while you were sleeping. Even just a glass to get started. I prefer a hot water with lemon and ginger. The lemon helps flush out toxins from your body and cleanses. And ginger is great for your digestive system. This is my “tea” for the morning.


So those my top tips! I’m still refining my morning routine and it changes depending on what my day looks like. But it’s helping. From all the tips that I picked up the idea is that you have to come first before anything else. It might seem foreign at first but you have to get you right before you can help anyone else. Oxygen mask on first!


Let me know what your tips are and if any of these work for you!