Blank Space: 9 Favourite Blanks Books For Journalling & Sketching

Blank Space: 9 Favourite Blanks Books For Journalling & Sketching


I love to write. I have a book for everything, my thoughts, ideas, my designs a book for blogging and one for my clients. There’s something about writing things down on paper that is so much more releasing than typing for me. And all of my notes being in one place is even better. So whenever I’m out about the shops I always keep an eye out for my next potential book. Not your plain old little black book, something different and unusual. A notebook that I can carry around me on a daily basis. Jim Rohn once said “Why put a million dollar idea in a 10 cent book?”

I like to write down any thing I think useful I hope one of them will end up being a million dollar idea. I see so many lovely notebooks that catch my eye and when I open them up 90% of them are lined! It’s my personal pet peeve I have small handwriting and my writing sitting on those wide spaced lines just looks wrong. Plus any sketches or doodles I might want to incorporate next to it doesn’t do it justice lol. I prefer to work with a “blank space”. If you’re like me, you love putting things down but lines mess you up and you struggle to find a notebook unlined…..I’ve put a list together of my favourites with nothing but white space!

I hope these books serve as inspiration to go and pick out your own book for you to put down your thoughts and ideas, enjoy!

Chloe9 Favourite Blank Books

1. Roma Lussa Red Leather Journal; Cavallini & Co. $75.00

2.  Tooled Medallion Leather Mini Journal; Urban Outfitters. $12.00

3.  Bright Ideas Journal; Papyrus. $17.95

4. Multi Colour Cork Sketchbook; Nomess. £19.95

5. Leather Sagitta Journal; Anthropologie. $26.00

6. Ciak Leather Sketchbook; Jenni Bick. $27.00

7. Brown Cork Sketchbook; Nomess. £19.95

8. Esmie Turquoise Silkscreen Printed Floral Cover; Liberty. £19.95,%20esmie/69106

9. Pinetti Elm Burl Wood Journal; Jenni Bick. $180.00